A jQuery carousel plugin with swipe support

jQuery slider (carousel) plugin for organizing a slideshow on a web-page. This plugin utilizes CSS transitions for smooth animation.

Plugin can be obtained from this Github page.

  • Summer beach concept
  • Lang from Yie Ar Kung Fu
  • Example of a not sized slide
  • Tiny Tina
  • Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2
  • Redhead girl

Features supported:

  • Swipe - support use mouse and touch to switch through slides;
  • Customizability - every part of slider can be edited or disabled;
  • Responsiveness - slider can resize itself proportionally (if parameter sliderWidth is given in percents);
  • Content slider - can be used to switch through cards with content (HTML elements);
  • Opensource - source can be acquired on Github page of the project.

Content slider

Image slider can work as content slider.

  • Mafia Boss

    Wanted: Mafia Boss

    Description: accused in organization of criminal association that terrorise peaceful citizens of the Foo town.

    Distinguishing marks:

    • smokes big cigars;
    • wears a luxurious suit (even while sleeping);
    • rose buttonhole.

    Award: 200 000$ for reliable location information.

  • Mafia Boss

    Wanted: Underboss

    Description: accused in being extremely rude with the members of his gang, shooting on public and uncontrolled behaviour under the influence.

    Distinguishing marks:

    • always smooth;
    • carrying a gun;
    • drinking too much Scotch.

    Award: 1000$ for more information on this subject.

  • Mafia Boss

    Wanted: Big guy nickname 'Peewee'

    Description: accused in littering, bad language.

    Distinguishing marks:

    • extremely big;
    • little vocabulary;
    • bald.

    Award: 700$ for teaching him some good manners.

  • Mafia Boss

    Wanted: Cold blooded dude

    Description: kills the audience with bad puns and pronounced eyebrows.

    Distinguishing marks:

    • carrying a blunt, plastic knife;
    • wears napkin in right pocket;
    • bold as a kneecap.

    Award: 150 000$ for comedian courses for that person.


Slider can resize itself with the window accordingly. Also image self resizing to fit slider.

  • Concept for children game
  • Another Concept for children game


Elements of slider can be easily customized.

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  • 2
  • 3
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