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Sort And Filter Tables(mootools)

Created 9 years ago   Views 23645   downloads 5093    Author samuelbirch
Sort And Filter Tables(mootools)
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  1.           1.sort on numbers, strings, dates and currency
  2.           2.filtering on columns


var myTable = new sortableTable('myTable', {
 overCls: 'over', 
 onClick: function(){alert(}



Data types:

number          123.45

string              firstname

date               YYYY-MM-DD, DD/MM/YY[YY], DD-MM-YY[YY]

currency         £100.00 (any currency as long as its a single symbol)


overCls               the name of the class added when the mouse is over the tr.

onClick               the name of the function to call on the onClick event.

sortOn                the number of the column to initially sort on (zero based).

sortBy                 the direction of the sort (ASC / DESC) (default: ASC).

filterHide              whether or not to show just the results. (default: true).