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Lightweight jQuery table sorter plugin

Created 10 years ago   Views 4470   downloads 1232    Author Cameron Daigle
Lightweight jQuery table sorter plugin
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JQuery Sortr

A smart, minimal, clean jQuery table sorter that autodetects most content.




Column Detection & Default Direction

Sortr detects the content type of a column automatically as either alphabetical, numeric, or boolean. These columns are detected a s boolean:

  • Columns that contain cells with only checkboxes
  • Columns that contain only either empty cells or the same value (e.g. "yes", "yes", "")

If a column contains only identical values, clicking on it's <th> won't do anything.

You can set the initial sort direction of a column either by the options hash (for all columns of that type) or by adding a data-sortr-initial-sort value of asc or desc to a specific column's <th> element.

  alpha: 'asc',
  numeric: 'desc',
  bool: 'desc'

Specifying Initial Sorting

Just give the appropriate <th> an attribute of data-sortr-default and Sortr will sort by that column on initialization.

Sorting by Custom Values

If you'd like to sort by a custom value rather than the contents of a table cell (e.g. the column is a relative date but you'd like to sort by the UTC date), just add the value that you'd prefer to sort by as a date-sortr-sortbyattribute. For example:

<td data-sortr-sortby='849398400000'>5 minutes ago</td>

Sorting by input values

If a table cell contains only an <input> element, Sortr will detect & sort by the value of that element.

Ignoring Columns

You can ignore any columns:

ignore: {
  // or any selector chain that matches the `<th>` element of the column(s) to ignore


If you modify the table contents client-side, call $your_table.sortr('refresh') to re-parse.

Custom Booleans

You can set custom boolean values. Be aware that now these are just preset arrays so if you redefine either it'll obviously overwrite the defaults.

bool_true: [
bool_false: [

Custom Non-numeric Character Filters

If you want to ignore specific characters in numeric columns (for example, currency or temperature symbols), give the numeric_filter property a literal regex. Sortr currently defaults to /[$%º¤¥£¢\,]/


For your styling pleasure, Sortr automatically applies sortr-asc or sortr-desc to the currently sorted thelement.

There are onStart() and onComplete() callbacks - for example, perhaps you want to keep a row pinned to the top of a table, in which case you'd detach it onStart, and prepend it onComplete.

The move_classes option is a boolean specifying whether <tr> classes move with the row or not; turn this totrue if you have custom colors on particular rows (e.g. statuses) and leave it false if your table has rows of alternating color or some such.

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