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jQuery and CSS3 Android Dock menu

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 jQuery and CSS3 Android Dock menu
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When playing the Galaxy you'll find  Android’s dock.  The application icon will pop out consecutively when arrow image on the dock clicked and not just the icon beautifully animated the dock itself also rotating vertically with 3D style. In this tutorial we’re going to create them using jQuery and CSS3.

The Markup & Styling

<div id="dock-wrapper">
  <div class="dock">
    <div class="dock-front">
	   <img src="images/arrow-up.png" alt="Arrow Up" id="arrow-up">
    <div class="dock-top">
      <img src="images/arrow-down.png" alt="Arrow Down" id="arrow-down">
  <div class="item">
	  <span><img src="images/launcher-pro.png" width="60"></span>
	  <span><img src="images/2do.png" width="60"></span>
	  <!-- to n icon  -->

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