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simple jQuery , HTML5 and CSS3 menu plugin

Created 7 years ago   Views 31174   downloads 7610    Author alessandroferrini
simple  jQuery , HTML5 and CSS3 menu plugin
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This is a simple, responsive, customizable and probably useless jQuery menu plugin. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3.

FerroMenu is a free jQuery plugin that allows you to create animatable bubble menus in a cool way and drag them through the screen. 

Clean and responsive

FerroMenu is built with pure HTML5 and CSS3. Transitions and animations are CSS3 native, so they result smooth even in mobile devices. Everything is responsive

Higly customizable

With several options you can customize the behaviuor of FerroMenu. It can be dragged around the screen, or you can set the transition time, delay and easing. 

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