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A simple responsive jquery slider plugin

Created 7 years ago   Views 27311   downloads 4221    Author excolo
A simple responsive jquery slider plugin
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This is a simple jquery sliding plugin, supporting responsive design and touch.


  • AutoPlay Slideshow
  • Mouse slide navigation
  • Prev/next button navigation
  • HTML5 data-attribute captions
  • Pagination
  • Repeat when last slide is reached
  • Play the slideshow backwards
  • Auto adjust size initially and on browser resize, for responsive designs
  • Touch enabled (limited to a few browsers)
  • Can be molded into beauty using CSS


Most of these features can be configured and turned off, when setting up the slider.


First you download the plugin by following one of the links in the sidebar, or by visiting Excolo-Slider on Github.

Another option is to install our NuGet package using this command:

PM> Install-Package Excolo-Slider

If you didn't use NuGet you'll have to insert the plugin files in the folders of your choice on your server. The files you'll need to insert is:


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