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jQuery calendar plugin--CLNDR

Created 6 years ago   Views 12622   downloads 2517    Author kylestetz
jQuery calendar plugin--CLNDR
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This is a jQuery calendar plugin. It was created- you've heard this before- out of frustration with the lack of truly dynamic front-end calendar plugins out there.

If you'd like to run some tests in a particular browser or environment, example/test.html contains a list of basic functionality tests. When contributing, please run these (and add to them when appropriate) before submitting a pull request!



The 'Days' Array

Here's a typical CLNDR template. It's got a controller section and a grid section.

<div class="clndr-controls">
  <div class="clndr-previous-button">&lsaquo;</div>
  <div class="month"><%= month %></div>
  <div class="clndr-next-button">&rsaquo;</div>
<div class="clndr-grid">
  <div class="days-of-the-week">
    <% _.each(daysOfTheWeek, function(day) { %>
      <div class="header-day"><%= day %></div>
    <% }); %>
    <div class="days">
      <% _.each(days, function(day) { %>
        <div class="<%= day.classes %>"><%= %></div>
      <% }); %>

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