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Images parallax effect with jQuery

Created 6 years ago   Views 16478   downloads 3953    Author pederan
Images parallax effect  with jQuery
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JQuery and amd compatible plugin to create a parallax effect with images. 

The plugin is really simple to use with some options to tweek. It makes use of css3 transform for animation where supported and falls back to top and left positioning for ancient browsers.



Markup can consist of as many image elements as you want, but you should separate them with a content block, e.g. a section

<div class="img-holder" data-image="anImage.jpg" data-width="1600" data-height="900"></div>
<section><p>Content that "slides" on top of the images</p></section>
<div class="img-holder" data-image="anotherImage.jpg" data-width="1600" data-height="900">[optional content to be displayed on top of the images]</div>

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