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Very good-looking and useful share button with jquery

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Very good-looking and useful share button with jquery
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This is a simple, light, flexible, and good-looking share button jquery plugin. Ermahgerd. 


Why  You Use it?

All the major social networks have their own share buttons you can put on your page, but doing it like this sucks for a lot of reasons:

  1. They are slow-loading, and inject a lot of extra javascript onto your page that's not needed which makes your page slower.
  2. They don't look sexy and fit nicely with your site like you want, and you can't change how they look.
  3. Every time you need them, you have to google 'twitter share button' and 'facebook like button' and such and go through their interface and copy and paste code and this is repetitive and stupid. It also takes up a ton of space and looks messy in your code.
  4. The buttons themselves take up a lot of space (especially the facebook like button).

Let's take a quick look at the alternative, using this little js plugin:

  1. It doesn't load any iframes or extra javascript and overall load time is tons faster.
  2. It looks simple and clean by default, and can be customized in any and every way.
  3. All you have to do to use it is include the script and call .share() on an empty div. That's two lines of code total, the script link and the share call.
  4. It's tiny and compact, expanding only when the user actually wants to share something.

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