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cross-browser Multi-level push menu with jQuery

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cross-browser Multi-level push menu with jQuery
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Multi-level push menu is cross-browser compatible jQuery plug-in allowing endless nesting of navigation elements.

This jQuery plugin is inspired by Codrops MultiLevelPushMenu but unlike it not relaying on CSS 3D Transforms and therefore functional in older browsers too (i.e. IE 8).


  • Multi-level menu support
  • Endless nesting of navigation elements
  • Expand/Collapse navigation with a left/right swipe gesture
  • Push/Slide DOM elements of choice
  • Left-to-right and Right-to-left sliding directions
  • Flexible, simple markup
  • JS Array input, as HTML markup replacement
  • A number of exposed Options (1 NEW! added), Methods (3 NEW! added) and Events
  • Cross-browser compatibility
    • Chrome
    • Midori
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • IE8+
    • Opera 12.16
    • Android Browser 4.1.2
    • iOS Safari 7.0.1

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