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jQuery scroll single-page plugin

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jQuery  scroll single-page plugin
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This is a jQuery plugin to create single-page websites.

If you want to use it.

First you will need the jQuery and jQuery Easing Plugin, then you can download the single.js plugin. Once you have done this you will need to create the HTML structure and call the plugin, as in the example below:

<div id="single">

    <div data-target="home">


    <div data-target="skills">
        <a href="#" data-link="contact">Go To Contact</a>

    <div data-target="portfolio">
        <img src="img/assassin.jpg" alt="Assassins Creed" data-img="true" width="100%" />

    <div data-target="contact">



And you can call the plugin like that:

<script type="text/javascript">

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