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Simple Image Slideshow efftct with jQuery

Created 6 years ago   Views 30508   downloads 5973    Author tutorialzine
Simple Image Slideshow efftct with jQuery
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This is a nice photo goes a long way towards making a design stand out. But we at Tutorialzine realized that sometimes a single picture is not enough and what you really need is a smooth slideshow of images to capture the user’s attention and bring dynamics to the app. However, the implementation of such slideshows can sometimes be tricky, so we decided to make a tiny plugin to do the job for you.

How it works

It’s really simple! First, you have to insert an image into the html as you would normally do. After that’s done, you have to add a data attribute – data-slideshow – and set its value to be the path of a series of images that you’d like to be turned into a slideshow:

<img src="...." data-slideshow="img1.jpg|img2.jpg|img3.jpg" />
All that is left, is to include our plugin in your page, call its slideShow() method and your slideshow is good to go!
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