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sortboard - Easy sorting and filtering of elements.

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sortboard - Easy sorting and filtering of elements.
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Easy sorting and filtering of elements.

Note: This code uses CSS3 matrix() transform function to translation.


$ npm install sortboard


$ bower install sortboard

Define a list, for example, using an ul and li tags, then sets your filters in each li tags with the data-filter attribute, it can add several filters for one item separated by whitespace.

Javascript :

var sortlist = document.getElementById('sortlist');
var sb = new Sortboard(sortlist, {
  gutter: 10,
  filterCompletefunction(data) {
  sortCompletefunction() {
    console.log('Sorting is completed.');
// Filter by tag 

jQuery support :

  gutter: 10,
  filterCompletefunction(e) {
  sortCompletefunction() {
    console.log('Sort is completed.');
// Filter by tag 
$('#sortlist').sortboard('filterBy', 'programing');

Markup :

<ul id="sortlist">
  <li data-filter="programing"></li>
  <li data-filter="programing back-end"></li>
  <li data-filter="programing front-end UX"></li>
  <li data-filter="graphic-design illustration"></li>
  <li data-filter="webdesign front-end"></li>
  <li data-filter="graphic-design printing"></li>

Options :

  • gutter : The margin for items defined in pixels.
  • hiddenClass : Class name for hidden items. Default is .hidden class name.
  • itemsMatchName : Items match mame. It can be a class (e.g. .items) or tag name. Default is li tag name.
  • filterComplete : Callback function when filtering is completed.
  • sortComplete : Callback function when sorting is completed.

Methods :

  • sort() : Sort items.
  • filterBy(string) : String it's text to filter, it should match to data-filter attribute for items.
  • getFilter() : Gets the current filter string.
  • getItems() : Gets all items.
  • getFoundItems() : Gets items matched by filter.
  • getNotFoundItems() : Gets items non-matched by filter.

MIT License