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social-share-jquery - jQuery plugin for create custom share buttons and counters

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social-share-jquery - jQuery plugin for create custom share buttons and counters
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jQuery plugin

SocialShare is ideal choice for start to create custom social share buttons and share counters.

    title: 'My great post', // title for share message 
    text: 'text of my great post', // text for share message 
    image: '', // optional image for share message (not for all networks) 
    url: '', // link on shared page 
    class_prefix: 's_', // optional class prefix for share elements (buttons or links or everything), default: 's_' 
    width: 640, // optional popup initial width 
    height: 480 // optional popup initial height 

    url: '', // url for which you want show like counter 
    class_prefix: 'c_', // optional class prefix for counter elements, default: 'c_' 
    display_counter_from: 0 // optional to set when counter is display, default: 0 

Example in action

network link class with default prefix (c_)
Twitter c_twitter
Facebook c_facebook
Vkontakte c_vk
Мой Мир c_myworld
Linkedin c_linkedin
Одноклассники c_odnoklassniki
Pinterest c_pinterest
network link class with default prefix (s_)
Twitter s_twitter
Facebook s_facebook
Vkontakte s_vk
Мой Мир s_myworld
Linkedin s_linkedin
Одноклассники s_odnoklassniki
Pinterest s_pinterest
Tumblr s_tumblr
Blogger s_blogger
Delicious s_delicious
Google + s_plus
Digg s_digg
Reddit s_reddit
Stumbleupon s_stumbleupon
Pocket s_pocket
Chiq s_chiq
Qrifier s_qrifier
Qrsrc s_qrsrc
Qzone s_s_qzone
Tulinq s_tulinq
Mister Wong s_misterwong
100zakladok s_sto_zakladok
2linkme s_two_linkme
Adifni s_adifni
Amazonwishlist s_amazonwishlist
Amenme s_amenme
Aim s_aim
Aolmail s_aolmail
Arto s_arto
Baidu s_baidu
Bitly s_bitly
Bizsugar s_bizsugar
Blinklist s_blinklist
Blip s_blip
Blogmarks s_blogmarks
Blurpalicious s_blurpalicious
Bobrdobr s_bobrdobr
Bonzobox s_bonzobox
Bookmerkende s_bookmerkende
Box s_box
Bryderi s_bryderi
Buddymarks s_buddymarks
Camyoo s_camyoo
Care2 s_care2
Citeulike s_citeulike
Classicalplace s_classicalplace
Cosmiq s_cosmiq
Diggita s_diggita
Diigo s_diigo
Domelhor s_domelhor
Dotnetshoutout s_dotnetshoutout
Douban s_douban
Dropjack s_dropjack
Edelight s_edelight
Ekudos s_ekudos
Elefantapl s_elefantapl
Embarkons s_embarkons
Evernote s_evernote
Extraplay s_extraplay
Ezyspot s_ezyspot
Fabulously40 s_fabulously40
Informazione s_informazione
Fark s_fark
Farkinda s_farkinda
Favable s_favable
Favlogde s_favlogde
Flaker s_flaker
Folkd s_folkd
Fresqui s_fresqui
Friendfeed s_friendfeed
Funp s_funp
Fwisp s_fwisp
Gmail s_gmail
Goodnoows s_goodnoows
Google s_google
Googletranslate s_googletranslate
Greaterdebater s_greaterdebater
Hackernews s_hackernews
Hatena s_hatena
Hedgehogs s_hedgehogs
Hotmail s_hotmail
W3validator s_w3validator
Ihavegot s_ihavegot
Instapaper s_instapaper
Isociety s_isociety
Iwiw s_iwiw
Jamespot s_jamespot
Jumptags s_jumptags
Kaboodle s_kaboodle
Kaevur s_kaevur
Kledy s_kledy
Librerio s_librerio
Linkuj s_linkuj
Livejournal s_livejournal
Logger24 s_logger24
Mashbord s_mashbord
Meinvz s_meinvz
Mekusharim s_mekusharim
Memori s_memori
Meneame s_meneame
Mixi s_mixi
Moemesto s_moemesto
Myspace s_myspace
N4g s_n4g
Netlog s_netlog
Netvouz s_netvouz
Newstrust s_newstrust
Newsvine s_newsvine
Nujij s_nujij
Oknotizie s_oknotizie
Oyyla s_oyyla
Pdfonline s_pdfonline
Pdfmyurl s_pdfmyurl
Phonefavs s_phonefavs
Plaxo s_plaxo
Plurk s_plurk
Posteezy s_posteezy
Pusha s_pusha
Rediff s_rediff
Redkum s_redkum
Scoopat s_scoopat
Sekoman s_sekoman
Shaveh s_shaveh
Shetoldme s_shetoldme
Sinaweibo s_sinaweibo
Sodahead s_sodahead
Sonico s_sonico
Springpad s_springpad
Startaid s_startaid
Startlap s_startlap
Studivz s_studivz
Stuffpit s_stuffpit
Stumpedia s_stumpedia
Svejo s_svejo
Symbaloo s_symbaloo
Thewebblend s_thewebblend
Thinkfinity s_thinkfinity
Thisnext s_thisnext
Tuenti s_tuenti
Typepad s_typepad
Viadeo s_viadeo
Virb s_virb
Visitezmonsite s_visitezmonsite
Vybralisme s_vybralisme
Wirefan s_wirefan
Wordpress s_wordpress
Wowbored s_wowbored
Wykop s_wykop
Yahoobkm s_yahoobkm
Yahoomail s_yahoomail
Yammer s_yammer
Yardbarker s_yardbarker
Yigg s_yigg
Yoolink s_yoolink
Yorumcuyum s_yorumcuyum
Youmob s_youmob
Zakladoknet s_zakladoknet
Ziczac s_ziczac
  • More social services
  • Custom parameters for popup window

Please report me about any bugs.