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bootstrap application wizard

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bootstrap application wizard
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Bootstrap Application Wizard



<link href="bootstrap-wizard/bootstrap-wizard.css" rel="stylesheet" />


<script src="bootstrap-wizard/bootstrap-wizard.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


1) Create wizard

<div class="wizard" id="some-wizard" data-title="Wizard Title"></div>

To set the title of the application wizard use the data-title attribute

2) Create wizard cards

Each .wizard-card will be its own step in the Application Wizard, and the h3 tag will be used for its navigation name on the left. Also notice the data-cardname attribute on each card. While not required, this can be used to access the cards by a specific name.

Card Setup

<div class="wizard-card" data-cardname="card1">
    <h3>Card 1</h3>
    Some content

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