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carousel - Turn HTML pages into keyboard-navigable slideshows.

Created 4 years ago   Views 4968   downloads 948    Author zeke
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Turn HTML pages into keyboard-navigable slideshows. Designed to be used with browserify.

If jQuery is available, scroll transitions will be animated.

npm install carousel --save

First, check out the demo directory.

Create a simple script to use Carousel:

// pre-browserify.js 
var Carousel = require('carousel');
new Carousel('#slides');

Use browserify to bundle it up for the browser:

npm install browserify -g
browserify pre-browserify.js -o post-browserify.js

Then drop the browserified script into your HTML page and you're good to go.

<script src="post-browserify.js"></script>
<ol id="slides">
  <li>a slide</li>
  <li>another slide</li>
  <li>keep on slidin'</li>

Visit for a working example of Carousel in action, then check out its source on github.

npm install grunt-cli -g
npm install