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11 most useful tools and services

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We all planned for 2015 to be more efficient, better organized and to gain as much knowledge, as we can. To succeed in this mission, we have many useful and time-saving tools that will help us focusing on important things as getting good quality results.

This showcase contains absolutely the best tools we are recommending you to use in 2015.


Pidoco is a 100% web based app that does not require any kind of download, as it uses cloud technology. It's the perfect tool for creating clickable and interactive wireframes with stencils that link to other elements and pages. Parts of the design can be held in layers, exactly like Photoshop does, so common elements will be kept for each page. With Pidoco, getting feedback on your wireframes is easy as you can choose which member of the team can have access and leave comments. Maybe the best thing about this software is that it's very easy to use to its full potential and generate impressive results.






TeamDesk online database software brings all the benefits of a centralized and very accessible source of accurate data with a customizable web-based application solution. It is a simple but very flexible option for many organizations but superb for startups and those who have unique requirements but not interested in having its own custom development team. Instead of buying overly complex and expensive enterprise database software, companies can choose just the right solution at a particular stage of the business. Capital expenditures are kept at a minimum with a flexible pricing plan that can be adjusted as one’s growth happens. So, depending on the number of databases and users, companies can plan for and adjust their monthly subscription expenses. But since fees include for unlimited applications and storage space, they can maximize the use of their data to be more productive and consequently profitable.






Usersnap is an awesome visual bug tracker tool for any web project. Every team or even one of your clients can use it to take a screenshot of a problem they've found. All they have to do is to click on the feedback button that Usersnap adds on their browser (or even on mobile) for a bug report with an attached screenshot to be sent. This way, you will save lots of time, because you skip writing lenghty reports about the issue you've encountered. Moreover, the Usersnap widget is loaded asynchronously and delivered via a strong CDN, which means that it won’t slow down your website’s loading time.






Whenever we are talking about online animation service / tool / banner maker / slider, we must think for HTML5MAKER. It's really the best tool you can use for creating animated and interactive content, based on HTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It has important advantages like the ease to work with, it really helps you achieving outstaning good results but it can also help you produce cross-browser animated content such as html5 animations, presentations and slideshows. Integrating the animation into an existing website represent a few easy clicks. HTML5 Maker is a subscription based service and they do provide a free of charge subscription. Moreover you don’t even need to sign up in order to use the service.







Themify is more than a well-known name in the world of web design and web development, it's the easy and professional solution for anyone to build a superb and responsive WordPress website. They always manage to stay ahead of web design trends and they’ve astounded us time and again with the wonderful themes, the outstanding drag-and-drop Builder and, most recently, with the Builder Addons.






Whenever you need to annotate or edit a Gmail attachament in a rush, you can use the best Chrome extension for this role, named Mail Markup. The most important feature is that not only let's you preview an e-mail attachament but you can also draw, edit, comment and make notes on it, without downloading the file.






At DealFuel, you can find absolutely everything you need, as a web developer or web designer. You can pick eBooks, eCourses, Wordpress themes and plugin but also many tools and products. For sure web designers will be amazed to come across packs of web fonts, vectors, high quality textures but also wonderful icons. And yes, the good news doesn't end here as there are also many freebies available that will make your life easier.





8. Ghostlab App

For cross testing devices and browsers, Ghostlab is hands down the best tool on the market in its category. Ghostlab is flexible and easy to integrate into any workflow and customer support is top notch. Imagine being able to open a website in multiple browsers and devices, and synchronously replicate scrolling, clicks, reloads, debugging and form inputs from no matter which browser instance you're using. Yep! Ghostlab does it!






Bugrocket is a simple bug tracking solution for freelancers and small teams. Get started tracking bugs with only a few clicks, leaving you with time to focus on your work. It has been stripped down to the core essentials but still has all the features you need like access controls, mentions and syntax highlighting. Bug tracking doesn’t have to be more complicated than the issues being tracked.






ShopSite Pro represents the best solution for small and medium online businesses, that need a wonderful eCommerce cart. This awesome shopping cart software has powerful administrative controls and it's web based, so you can access it from any device and location with an internet connnection. For most companies, this is the best solution, problably for you also.





Wideo is not just a very simple, intuitive online tool that allows anyone to make short animation videos, but also one of the best in this chapter. With Wideo you can share your ideas to the world, in a fast and nice way. Keep in mind that you don't have to be a technical guy to build brilliant videos.