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EnjoyHint—— web-tool interactive web-application

Created 5 years ago   Views 11027   downloads 1858    Author xbsoftware
EnjoyHint—— web-tool interactive  web-application
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EnjoyHint is a web-tool that provides the simplest way to create interactive tutorials and hints for your site or web-application. It can also be used to highlight and sign application elements.

EnjoyHint is free software distributed under the terms of MIT license.


EnjoyHint require the following plugins and libs:

  • jQuery > 1.7
  • KineticJS v5.1.0 (included into js file)


You can install it through bower package manager:

bower install enjoyhint

Alternative way:

  • Download the latest version of EnjoyHint
  • Extract the archive with EnjoyHint.
  • Move the EnjoyHint directory to somewhere on your webserver
  • Insert next lines into your page's <head> tag:
     <link href="<pathontheserver>/enjoyhint/enjoyhint.css" rel="stylesheet">
      <script src="<pathontheserver>/enjoyhint/enjoyhint.min.js"></script>


Tag: form, Interface