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DateTime Picker with jQuery

Created 4 years ago   Views 12468   downloads 2428    Author curioussolutions
DateTime Picker with jQuery
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Plugin Initialization

Attributes of "date" parameter passed to formatHumanDate() -
Attribute Value
dd day of the month(two-digit)
MM month(two-digit)
yyyy year(four-digit)
day day of the week (as specified in fullDayNames settings)
dayShort day of the week (as specified in shortDayNames settings)
month month name(as specified in fullMonthNames settings)
monthShort short month name(as specified in shortMonthNames settings)
H hour(24-Hour; number)
h hour(12-Hour; number)
HH hour(24-Hour; Two Digit String)
hh hour(12-Hour; Two Digit String)
m minutes(number)
mm minutes(Two Digit String)
s seconds(number)
ss seconds(Two Digit String)

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