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Multiple Effect Ideas for Card Stacks with jQuery

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Multiple Effect Ideas for Card Stacks with jQuery
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Some effect inspiration for card stacks. The idea is to show animation ideas for positive (accept) or negative (reject) feedback on a generic card element.

we’ll like to share some inspiration for card effects with you. The idea is to animate the top element of a stack by clicking on an accept or reject button. We’ve used this Tinder-like example to show some symmetric and complementing pairs of effects, but these kind of animations can fit into many scenarios involving all kinds of card stacks that don’t necessarily have a dual logic.

The markup for a stack and its controls looks like this:

<ul id="stack_yuda" class="stack stack--yuda">
	<li class="stack__item"><img src="img/1.png" alt="Tree 1" /></li>
	<li class="stack__item"><img src="img/2.png" alt="Tree 2" /></li>
	<li class="stack__item"><img src="img/3.png" alt="Tree 3" /></li>
	<li class="stack__item"><img src="img/4.png" alt="Tree 4" /></li>
	<li class="stack__item"><img src="img/5.png" alt="Tree 5" /></li>
	<li class="stack__item"><img src="img/6.png" alt="Tree 6" /></li>
<div class="controls">
	<button class="button button--sonar button--reject" data-stack="stack_yuda">
		<i class="fa fa-times"></i>
		<span class="text-hidden">Reject</span>
	<button class="button button--sonar button--accept" data-stack="stack_yuda">
		<i class="fa fa-check"></i>
		<span class="text-hidden">Accept</span>

With all the stack items positioned absolutely on top of each other, we apply a “accept” or “reject” class to the current item, depending on which button we clicked.

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