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jQuery plugin for better grid layouts

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jQuery plugin for better grid layouts
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Better Grid Layouts - Especially for Portfolio Pages!

Install using Bowerbower install brickfolio


Or copy the following files into your project:


In your HTML:

<div class="brickfolio">
    <div class="bf-item">
        <img data-src="image1.png">
        <h4>Lorem ipsum dolor sit</h4>
        <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Eadem nunc mea adversum te oratio est.</p>
    <div class="bf-item">
        <img data-src="image2.png">
        <h4>Quare attende, quaeso</h4>
        <p>Quare attende, quaeso. Sed plane dicit quod intellegit. Non semper, inquam;</p>

In your Javascript:

        animation: 'fly', // drop|fade-in|flip|fly|pop-up|scale-up|slide-up|swing-down
        filter: '.ignore-item', // a selector used to filter out items
        gutter: 40, // number in pixels of the gutter between items
        responseTime: 200, // number in milliseconds before the layout is redrawn after the window resizes
        hideErrors: false, // automatically hides items where the image fails to load
        classes: {
            container: 'brickfolio', // class added to the container
            loaded: 'bf-loaded', // class added to the container once items are loaded
            animated: 'bf-animated', // class added to the container to indicate animations are supported and being used
            item: 'bf-item', // class added to items within the container
            error: 'bf-error', // class added to items that have broken images
            filtered: 'bf-filtered' // class added to filtered items


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