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multiple Javascript Accordions tabs

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multiple Javascript Accordions tabs
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Javascript accordians have been used a lot in todays web design world. There are a lot of scripts we have seen and sure you too would have seen them.

This is a great technique for integrating accordion-style menus into your site.

the script is one of the smallest accordion script which is extremely simple and easy to integrate. Does’nt require any framework and fully cross-browser compatible.


  • The SMALLEST Accordion Javascript ( 1,149 bytes )
  • Easy Integration.
  • Does’nt require any Framework.
  • Can be used as a Tab system ( sample in the demo )
  • Fully Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Source Files Included.


Below is the snippet to control the accordion.

<body onload=”new Accrodian(’my-menu’,5,’heighlight’);”>


which is in form of:


<body onload=”new Accordian(’container of your accordion’,speed,’highlighted accordion class name’);”>