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jQuery Horizontal Box Slider

Created 11 years ago   Views 13034   downloads 1480    Author NV
jQuery Horizontal Box Slider
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Horizontal Box Slider is using native scrolling. There are a lot of “carousels”, but none of them is using it.

horizontal_box_slider.js is very tiny (≈2.75KB) framework agnostic “carousel” control.

jquery.horizontal_box_slider.js (≈2KB minified) built on top of that. It scrolls smoothly.


var turner_painting = document.getElementById("turner_painting");
var pictures = turner_painting.getElementsByTagName("img");
var slider = new HorizontalBoxSlider(turner_painting, pictures)



Works well in Chrome 6, Firefox 3.5, Safari 5, Opera 10.60, and IE 8. IE 6 and 7 have some issues with examples, but the script itself works.