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Beautiful Mootools' time selector widget

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Beautiful Mootools' time selector widget
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TimeSpinner is a simple/minimalist widget for the javascript framework Mootools.
For a current project, I need a widget that allow users to enter the date of an events, like a concert, exposition, etc... There're a lot of good calendars - for example "calendar" whom I take some inspiration - but none allow user to enter time too ; just day.

Its purpose is to allow users to quickly inc/dec a time, mainly for events, schedules, range selections etc.. This
is Not a presision chronometer.


  • Easy to use, just 2 buttons
  • Time range limit
  • Can fire events at specific time(s)


● increment : numeric, Number of minutes the time will increase/decrease at every button press. Defaut
● separator : string, hours and minutes separator, default ':'
● range : list, range the widget must stay within.
low : numeric, lower time allowed in minutes, default none (-1).
high : numeric, higher time allowed in minutes, default none (-1)
● delay : numeric, delay in millisecond between 2 automatics increase/decrease when holding the mouse
button down.
● alarm : array, array of time (in minutes) at which trigger the 'doAlarm' event.
● 'doAlart' : event callback


TimeSpinner( obj, options, time );
● obj : name of the obj – text input to attach too. Mandatory.
● options : list of options. Optionnal.
● time : time to initialize this timespinner with. Number – in minutes – or Date object. Optionnal.
Default to current time.

Sample :
1. This will add a timespinner capability -with default options - to element 'example1'

<input type="text" name="example1" id="example1" size="10"/><br>
var spinner1 = new TimeSpinner($('example1'));

This example set some options, and initialise the widget at 15:00

<input type="text" name="example2" id="example2" size="10"/><br>
var spinner2 = new TimeSpinner($('example2'),
{increment: 10, range: { low:840, high:1080 }, delay:400}, 900 );

Now trigger the event 'doAlarm' of 'message' at 15:30 and 17:00. Use a date object for init time.

var spinner3 = new TimeSpinner($('example3'),
{increment: 10, range: { low:840, high:1080 }, delay:400, alarm:[930, 1020]
doAlarm': function(val) { }},mdate);