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jQuery Elastic vertical menu

  Views 24941   downloads 5156   Menu & Navigation

jQuery OS X Stack and Drop Stack It’s super lightweight (~1kb) and is a really creative “outside the box” method of navigation for a website. It might be a little awkward having the…


jQuery Mac dock style flexibility menu

  Views 29129   downloads 6867   Menu & Navigation

Just about every website uses the regular navigation concepts we’re all used to. After awhile this can get pretty boring, especially for designers who thrive on creativity. While mimicking the OS…


Horizontal Tooltips Menu with jQuery

  Views 25172   downloads 5040   Menu & Navigation

We're doing something a little bit similar - Tooltips menu.   1. HTML   As usual, it's a good practise to use UL List for menu. For the menu images, you need to put the caption in the ALT attribute,…


nice Apple-Style Icon Slide Out Navigation with CSS and jQuery

  Views 32260   downloads 5210   Menu & Navigation

This menu looks very similar to the Apple-style navigation but it reveals some icons when hovering over it. The icons slide out from the top and when the mouse leaves the link, the icon slides back under…


jQuery Fresh Bottom Slide Out Menu

  Views 35145   downloads 6310   Menu & Navigation

In this tutorial we will create a unique bottom slide out menu. This large menu will contain some title and a description of the menu item. It will slide out from the bottom revealing the description…


jQuery Super Cool Bubble Navigation

  Views 36830   downloads 9724   Menu & Navigation

In this tutorial we are going to create a bubbly navigation with jQuery. The idea is to have some round navigation icons that release a bubble when hovering over them. We will use the jQuery Easing Plugin…


jQuery Rocking and Rolling Rounded Menu

  Views 28977   downloads 7096   Menu & Navigation

In this tutorial we are going to make use of the incredibly awesome rotating and scaling jQuery patch from Zachary Johnson that can be found here. We will create a menu with little icons that will rotate…


jQuery Smooth Circular Motion Menu

  Views 32574   downloads 6822   Menu & Navigation

we are going to create a stunning circular motion effect with jQuery. We will be using the jQuery.path plugin to animate a circular movement for a menu in a portfolio example. The idea is to have a rounded…


jQuery small Boxes Menu

  Views 20053   downloads 4441   Menu & Navigation

we will create a menu out of little boxes that animate randomly when a menu item is clicked. The clicked menu item expands and reveals a content area for some description or links. When the item is clicked…


jQuery Smooth Animated Menu

  Views 35590   downloads 7004   Menu & Navigation

Ever seen some excellent jQuery navigation that left you wanting to make one of your own? We’ll aim to do just that by building a menu and animate it with some smooth effects. Step 1 – Set…


Dynamic glide navigation with jQuery plugin

  Views 82071   downloads 12686   Menu & Navigation

Dynamic menu with scrolling color glide followed, appropriate for personal entertainment blog and website which requires newfashioned style and personalization. Help Step1:include js and css files.  …


Jquery Awesome-Filled Navigation Menu Use Sprites

  Views 26418   downloads 5898   Menu & Navigation

CSS sprites can dramatically increase a website’s performance, and with jQuery, we can implement awesome transition effects easily. Let’s get started. Step 1 Create an html file, and add the…


jQuery Animated Menu

  Views 27147   downloads 7276   Menu & Navigation

Step 1 – Set up the Structure Here is the HTML markup that is used in the demo: <div id="menu" class="menu"> <ul> <li><a href="[removed];">Home</a></li> <li><a…


Pretty nice Slide Out Navigation Revised

  Views 41175   downloads 8069   Menu & Navigation

1. The HTML Structure The only thing we will need for the navigation is a simple unordered list with links and spans inside of the list elements: Home About Search Photos Rss Feed Podcasts Contact The…


Medium Slate Blue Menu Slide Style with Jquery

  Views 38282   downloads 6034   Menu & Navigation

Features Full cross-browser compatibility Fully accessible even when javascript is turned off, as a pure css menu Search engines optimized Clear unordered list (LI and UL HTML tags) structure Easy to…