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lightweight jQuery plugin with beauty to checkboxes

  Views 10170   downloads 1927   Form

This is a nice and lightweight jQuery plugin that gives beauty to checkboxes and radio buttons and allows custom labels for each status of (un)checked inputs. Fast Usage   Write your checkbox…


artdesign-ui - jQuery PlugIns for responsive web elements with skin support

  Views 2579   downloads 936  

#ArtDesignUI ##jQuery PlugIns for responsive web elements with skin support ArtDesignUI (7127 lines code) is a jQuery library for style control web elements (button, input, textarea, radio, checkbox,…


bootstrap-checkbox - A checkbox component based on Bootstrap framework

  Views 1369   downloads 851  

Bootstrap-checkbox Quick start Six quick start options are available: Download the latest release. Clone the repo: git clone Install with Bower: bower…


jquery.input - A Common interface for html input elements.

  Views 1664   downloads 731  

#jquery.input ##A normalized interface for html input elements. jquery.input exposes a unified interface for interacting with html input elements. You can call the methods on specific input elements $('input[name="foo"]').inputVal('bar');…


jquery.onoff - Interactive, accessible toggle switches for the web

  Views 2104   downloads 881  

On-Off Toggle Switch Interactive, accessible toggle switches for the web Transform checkboxes into toggle switches. Toggle switches made for the web are often solely constructed to change when clicked…


checkboxgroup - jQuery plugin for constructing analog of multiselect using checkboxes.

  Views 6451   downloads 1231   Form

CheckBox Group Allows to construct analog of <select multiple> using sequence of <input type="checkbox">. Demo available at Usage $(function…


jQuery Checkbox group (parent/children) functionality

  Views 17710   downloads 2585   Form

Checkbox group (parent/children) functionality. Makes a checkbox parent of other checkboxes. If the parent is clicked the children are checked/unchecked based on the parent. If all the children are checked,…


jQuery customizable checkboxes and radio buttons

  Views 26115   downloads 5495   Form

Features Identical inputs across different browsers and devices — both desktop and mobile Touch devices support — iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone Keyboard accessible inputs —…


jQuery pretty Checkboxes form

  Views 20431   downloads 3451   Form

This script is for people who wants to have a consistent look for checkboxes across browser or those who simply want them to look better. By using this script you wont loose any of the regular inputs…


beautiful Radio, check button with Forms

  Views 22647   downloads 6002   Form

What's Ideal Forms: Ideal Forms is a small framework to build powerful and beautiful online forms. It's very easy to use and requires minimal html syntax. Absolutely everything is stylable with…


Checkbox and Radio control with jQuery

  Views 18023   downloads 4910   Form

In web development/design, there’re a lot of time you want to customize HTML controls. Some controls are actually quite simple to implement. I will show you how to customize a checkbox/radiobox.…


jQuery Disabled labels plugin

  Views 11154   downloads 2110   Form

To better distinguish at a glance which inputs are disabled/enabled, I've chosen to style the labels of disabled inputs with a faint gray color. HTML The difference in HTML is a small one. The first example…


CSS and jQuery Custom Checkbox and Radio Button Inputs Styled

  Views 71406   downloads 13465   Form

Styling checkbox and radio button inputs to match a custom design is nearly impossible because neither reliably supports basic CSS, like background colors or images; it's even a challenge to get the margins…


jQuery Pretty checkboxes

  Views 19717   downloads 3543   Form

The checkboxes are still there, but we won’t be clicking them. The checking/unchecking will handled by the “Select” and “Cancel” links within each list item. Each list item…


Table Row Checkbox Toggle jQuery plugin

  Views 29970   downloads 5071   Table

It generically adds the toggle function to any table rows you specify based on the css class names. It will by default toggle any checkboxes within the table row. However, you can manually exclude checkboxes…