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countdowntimer - Reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per need. It also displays current local time.

  Views 2341   downloads 722  

jquery-countdownTimer Plugin- Reverse count down jQuery plugin. Introduction countdownTimer is a reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per your need. It also displays current local…


flipcountdown - jQuery Clock,Timer or Counter plugin in retro flip-count down style. The plugin can display the time and number, including floating point.

  Views 4977   downloads 1157  

flipCountDown Demo&Documentation jQuery Plugin Flip Count Down Retro Clock flipCountDown


jq-atp - Android Time Picker jQuery plugin

  Views 1463   downloads 707  

Android Time Picker Android styled time selector plugin for jQuery. Supports touch and mouse events. Based on Android 5.0 Lollipop's stock clock app. Website:…


CSS3 and jQuery Digital Clock

  Views 23813   downloads 7548   Calendar & Date & Time picker

Hello everyone, this tutorial I wanted to create a simple digital clock with date and time, with the help of jQuery script and CSS3 for a little animation, there's nothing hard enough to understand…


beautiful css3 and jQuery clock effect

  Views 22812   downloads 6481   Calendar & Date & Time picker

We will simply create a clock image in photoshop and provide different images for each hand. A jQuery script will update the rotate position every 1000 millisecond, therefore creating a rotating effect…


very cool Sliding Clock with jQuery

  Views 15912   downloads 2495   Calendar & Date & Time picker

While this is not my normal doodle fare, I still think it should count for my creative output for the day.  I suppose I could scan in my scratchy notes while I was planning it, but they’re…


clocks, timers, and stopwatches epiClock jQuery Plugin

  Views 23012   downloads 4426   Calendar & Date & Time picker

The epiClock jQuery Plugin allows users to easily create dynamically updating clocks, timers, and stopwatches. Each clock can be styled with custom CSS or images to achieve the proper effect on your page.…