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froala-editor - A beautiful jQuery WYSIWYG HTML text editor. High performance and modern design make it easy to use for developers and loved by users.

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#Froala WYSIWYG Editor A beautiful jQuery WYSIWYG text editor based on HTML5 technology. Cross browser, with mobile support, high performance and Retina Ready flat design. Licensing The editor can be…


jinplace - A jQuery plugin for in place editing on a page, primarly controlled by HTML markup.

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The jinplace jQuery plugin Description This is a plugin for jQuery for in-place editing of data on the page. The intended way to use it is for the editable fields on the web page to be marked up with…


jquery.appendgrid - appendGrid - The dynamic table input jQuery plugin

  Views 2351   downloads 766  

jquery.appendGrid The dynamic table input jQuery plugin For demo and documentation, please visit