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countdowntimer - Reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per need. It also displays current local time.

  Views 2204   downloads 700  

jquery-countdownTimer Plugin- Reverse count down jQuery plugin. Introduction countdownTimer is a reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per your need. It also displays current local…


flipcountdown - jQuery Clock,Timer or Counter plugin in retro flip-count down style. The plugin can display the time and number, including floating point.

  Views 4933   downloads 1131  

flipCountDown Demo&Documentation jQuery Plugin Flip Count Down Retro Clock flipCountDown


Useful jQuery calendar plugin----CLNDR

  Views 12169   downloads 2815   Calendar & Date & Time picker

CLNDR is a jQuery calendar plugin. It was created- you've heard this before- out of frustration with the lack of truly dynamic front-end calendar plugins out there. jQuery and Moment.js are…


Awesome jQuery timeline Plugin effect

  Views 30138   downloads 4556   Layout & Interface

jquery.jqtimeline is a simple, lightweight and elegent timeline plugin for jQuery to show a set of important events on a timeline. Data input is a simple json arrary of timeline events. This…


clocks, timers, and stopwatches epiClock jQuery Plugin

  Views 22937   downloads 4402   Calendar & Date & Time picker

The epiClock jQuery Plugin allows users to easily create dynamically updating clocks, timers, and stopwatches. Each clock can be styled with custom CSS or images to achieve the proper effect on your page.…