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jQuery Unobtrusive CSS based rating widget

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jQuery Unobtrusive CSS based rating widget
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Control.Rating attaches to any div, span or table cell on your page in one line of code to create a fully customizable CSS based ratings widget. Each control can optionally post an Ajax request when it's value is set, or can interact with text inputs or select elements that are already on your page. It uses four (customizable) class names to determine each link's state:

  • rating_off
  • rating_half
  • rating_on
  • rating_selected


    <!-- you can pre-populate a rating with the HTML the rating will generate-->  
    <div id="rating_one" class="rating_container">  
        <a href="#" class="rating_on"></a>  
        <a href="#" class="rating_on"></a>  
        <a href="#" class="rating_half"></a>  
       <a href="#" class="rating_off"></a>  
        <a href="#" class="rating_off"></a>  
   <!-- or just provide an empty container -->  
   <div id="rating_two" class="rating_container"></div>  


var rating_one = new Control.Rating('rating_one');
 var rating_two = new Control.Rating('rating_two',{value: 2.4});
 var rating_four = new Control.Rating('rating_four',{value: 4,rated: true});
 var rating_five = new Control.Rating('rating_five',{value: 6,rated: false,max:9});
 var rating_six = new Control.Rating('rating_six',{
  value: 6,
  rated: false,
  min: 3,
  max: 12,
  multiple: true,
  reverse: true
 var rating_seven = new Control.Rating('rating_seven',{
  input: 'rating_seven_input',
  multiple: true
 var rating_eight = new Control.Rating('rating_eight',{
  input: 'rating_eight_select',
  multiple: true



 .rating_container {

 .rating_container a {
 .rating_container a.rating_off {
  background-position:0 0px;
 .rating_container a.rating_half {
  background-position:0 -25px;
 .rating_container a.rating_on {
  background-position:0 -50px;
 .rating_container a.rating_selected {
  background-position:0 -75px;

DOM Modifications

Control.Rating.initialize() will insert a series of a elements inside of the container you pass in, if the a elements to not already exist.


Return Name Description
mixed findByElementId(string id) Find any Control.Rating instance who's container has an id.
array instances All created Control.Rating instances.


Return Name Description
Control.Rating initialize(Element container [, Hash options])
null disable() Removes all event handlers from the links.
null setValue(number value [,bool rated [,bool prevent_callbacks]]) Set the value of the ratings widget and redraw it. Setting force_selected to true will draw the input as if it has been rated, but will not mark it as rated in the options hash. Setting prevent_callbacks to true will prevent the afterChange event and optional Ajax request from firing.
Element container
number value


Type Name Default Description
bool capture true Stop the click event on each rating to propagate.
Hash classNames {off: 'rating_off', half: 'rating_half', on: 'rating_on', selected: 'rating_selected'} Hash of state dependent class names.
mixed input false false or string id, or Element object of a text, hidden, or select input.
number max 5
number min 1
bool multiple false Can the user rate multiple times.
bool rated false Has the widget already been rated.
bool reverse false Display the links in reverse order.
Hash updateOptions {} Ajax Options for the request.
string updateParameterName 'value' The name of the POST key that will contain the value.
mixed updateUrl false false or string URL to post an Ajax request to when the value changes.
number value null Default value, gets set into the value property of the instance and discarded from the options hash. Anything that is not a whole number (i.e. 3.1) results in a the 'half' class name being assigned.
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