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A jQuery Plugin For Material Design Inspired Form Controls----Bootstrap

  Views 16521   downloads 4084   Form

Material Form is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps generate animated, beautiful, responsive form controls following the Google Material Design form specification. Based on the Bootstrap's grid system.…


Awesome CSS3 Animated Search Box

  Views 30847   downloads 6507   Form

 We will like to show you how we can create a really cool animated search box with CSS3 and JavaScript. Part 1 : HTML First of all, we have a container, div, with “search-wrapper” class.…


A search form with advanced filtering options and quick link suggestions

  Views 13154   downloads 3550   Form

Getting the search experience right is never an easy task. The starting point is always the search form, which, in most cases, consists only of an input field plus a submit button. The search results…


Login Box Concept with jQuery

  Views 15133   downloads 3463   Form

Just trying to do some login animations. Buggy on Firefox, fine in Chrome. Still need to tidy up and Optimize HTML .brand %a{:href => '',:target => '_blank'}…


Very useful jQuery multiple select plugin

  Views 10064   downloads 1692   Form

SmartSelect is a jQuery multiple select plugin designed for data mining projects. It is nice, fast and has lots of useful features which can not be found in other select plugins.   Handles much more…


EnjoyHint—— web-tool interactive web-application

  Views 11259   downloads 1897   Form

EnjoyHint is a web-tool that provides the simplest way to create interactive tutorials and hints for your site or web-application. It can also be used to highlight and sign application elements.…


lightweight jQuery plugin with beauty to checkboxes

  Views 11029   downloads 2145   Form

This is a nice and lightweight jQuery plugin that gives beauty to checkboxes and radio buttons and allows custom labels for each status of (un)checked inputs. Fast Usage   Write your checkbox…


artdesign-ui - jQuery PlugIns for responsive web elements with skin support

  Views 2893   downloads 1076  

#ArtDesignUI ##jQuery PlugIns for responsive web elements with skin support ArtDesignUI (7127 lines code) is a jQuery library for style control web elements (button, input, textarea, radio, checkbox,…


flipcountdown - jQuery Clock,Timer or Counter plugin in retro flip-count down style. The plugin can display the time and number, including floating point.

  Views 5252   downloads 1221  

flipCountDown Demo&Documentation jQuery Plugin Flip Count Down Retro Clock flipCountDown


form-forker - A jQuery plugin for handling conditional form fields based on user input

  Views 2386   downloads 1037  

#Form Forker jQuery plugin for handling conditional form fields based on user input. Demo ##Getting Started Incude jquery.former-forker.js and a copy of jQuery on your page. Initialize the plugin on your…


jquery-autocomplete - Simple autocomplete like Google

  Views 4340   downloads 1647  

Autocomplete Documentation & Demo jQuery Autocomplete plugin like Google search


jinplace - A jQuery plugin for in place editing on a page, primarly controlled by HTML markup.

  Views 2320   downloads 926  

The jinplace jQuery plugin Description This is a plugin for jQuery for in-place editing of data on the page. The intended way to use it is for the editable fields on the web page to be marked up with…


jquery-autosize - Automatically adjust textarea height based on user input.

  Views 3775   downloads 1325  

Autosize Small jQuery plugin to allow dynamic resizing of textarea height, so that it grows as based on visitor input. To use, just call the .autosize() method on any textarea element. Example $('textarea').autosize();.…


jquery-number-mask - jQuery plugin for set pattern enter numbers or a certain pattern

  Views 2533   downloads 1005  

You see example Download Use bower install jquery-number-mask or zip Build this project. Install node. Install npm bower       npm install -g bower Get dependency…


jquery-lazy - Lazy is a fast and lightweight delayed image and background loading plugin for jQuery. It is designed to speed up page loading times and decrease traffic to your users and customers by only loading the content in view.

  Views 2639   downloads 1048  

jQuery Lazy - Delayed Image and Background Loader About jQuery.Lazy(); Lazy is a fast and lightweight delayed image and background loading plugin for jQuery. It is designed to speed up page loading times…