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Very cool jQuery Image / Content Slider Plugin: Quake Slider

about a year ago   Views 888   downloads 447   Slideshow & Scroller

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, complex ideas and concepts are better understood when presented using some sort of visualization. For time conscious audience Graphs and Charts can tell…


Slidorion-auto play accordion image slider effect

2 years ago   Views 34467   downloads 7232   Accordion

A combination of an image slider and an accordion, the slidorion displays beautiful images along with a variable length description. With images linked to each tab, and accompanied by a large array of…


Simple jQuery Fluid Thumbnail menu Bar

2 years ago   Views 58388   downloads 5291   Slideshow & Scroller

The idea of a fluid thumbnail bar is simple: Create a list of thumbnails within a space where the overflow can be flipped through page by page. Features Cycle through thumbnails in different intervals…


jQuery dualSlider

3 years ago   Views 41317   downloads 7635   Slideshow & Scroller

A great option to have as a splash feature at the top of your site, highlights recent articles you want to advertise, that might have a nice graphic or even a video...basically anything you want. Plugin…


Thumbnail Effect With Zoom And Sliding Captions(jQuery )

3 years ago   Views 19861   downloads 2903   Image Effects

This time with zoom and sliding caption. HTML <!-- start thumbnailWrapper div --> <div class='thumbnailWrapper'> <ul> <li> <a href='#'><img src='images/1.jpg' /></a>…


Sliding door effect with JQuery

3 years ago   Views 11220   downloads 1484   Image Effects

HTML   <div class='box_container'> <img class='box_image' src='img.jpg' style='width:300px'/> Just some dummy text. </div> <div class='clear'></div>     The…


jQuery ExtSlide

3 years ago   Views 7462   downloads 815   Slideshow & Scroller

jquery extends slide effect (animate): slideLeftShow, slideLeftHide, slideLeftToggle, slideRightShow, slideRightHide, slideRightToggle


jQuery: Photo Slider

3 years ago   Views 10433   downloads 1164   Image Effects

My first thought was a thumbnail photo gallery, where clicking a button would reveal the entire photo and more information about that photo. This is what happens, in plan English: Click event on the “More…