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Good jQuery images Gallery

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Good jQuery images Gallery
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In this tutorial we will create an image gallery with jQuery that shows a preview of each image as a little thumbnail. The idea is to hover over the slider dots and make the regarding thumbnail slide into the previewer. When clicking a slider dot, the full image will slide in from the right or left side, depending on the currently viewed image.

The Markup

The HTML structure is going to consist of a main container which will have the image wrapper for the big image, the navigation items and the dot list with the thumbnail preview:

<div id="ps_container" class="ps_container">
 <div class="ps_image_wrapper">
  <!-- First initial image -->
  <img src="images/1.jpg" alt="" />
 <!-- Navigation items -->
 <div class="ps_next"></div>
 <div class="ps_prev"></div>
 <!-- Dot list with thumbnail preview -->
 <ul class="ps_nav">
  <li class="selected">
   <a href="images/1.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/1.jpg">Image 1</a>
   <a href="images/2.jpg" rel="images/thumbs/2.jpg">Image 2</a>
  <li class="ps_preview">
   <div class="ps_preview_wrapper">
    <!-- Thumbnail comes here -->
   <!-- Little triangle -->

The thumbnail preview element will be a list item in the dot list. It’s going to have a special class since we want to treat this element differently. Each dot list item will contain a link element which will hold the information on the thumbnail image and the big image. Using JavaScript, we will extract that path information from the attributes and create the image elements dynamically.

Let’s take a look at the style.

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