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bouncing text with jQuery

Created 12 years ago   Views 15883   downloads 3026    Author mitya
bouncing text with jQuery
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Bouncy text is a jQuery plugin that animates text, bouncing each letter matched in the selector at random intervals. A pointless, if slightly fun method to make your page a little quirky.

Here's the code behind that example:

$(function() { $('#bounceTest span').bouncyText(); })
<h2 id='bounceTest'><span>this text</span> is bouncing!</h2>

Usage & params

Via jQuery selector, target the element whose text you want to bounce, and run the bouncyText() method on it. Above, we're targeting the span inside the h1.

The method itself takes no parameters.

Browser compatibility

The script works in all versions of IE, Firefox and Opera, but not currently in Chrome or Safari.

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