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impressive lightbox Photo wall effect with jQuery

Created 12 years ago   Views 19025   downloads 2907    Author moretech
impressive lightbox Photo wall effect with jQuery
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jmFullWall is a jQuery plugin for the creation of an impressive portfolio.


/* javascript */
/* html */
    <div id="wall-top">YOUR LOGO / MENU</div>
    <div id="wall-container">
        <div id="wall-loading"></div>
        <div id="wall-detail"></div>
        <div id="wall">
            <div id="wall-items">    
                <div class="wall-item">
                    <span class="bg hide">path/to/your/thumb/image</span>
                    <span class="img_detail hide">path/to/your/fullscreen/image</span>
                    <span class="tooltip hide">TOOLTIP (when click on item)</span>
                    <a href="#"><span class="title">TEXT (onmouseover)</span></a>
                [... your items ...]


• jQuery 1.4+
• jquery.imgpreload.js (thanks to Dimas Begunoff)
• jquery.imagepanner.js (thanks to Dynamic Drive)
• jmFullWall.js


• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Safari
• Opera
• IE8+

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