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Useful Scroll Pagination with jQuery

Created 12 years ago   Views 21932   downloads 3403    Author andersonferminiano
Useful  Scroll  Pagination with jQuery
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jQuery ScrollPagination plugin has been developed by Anderson Ferminiano for studying purposes, you may use it for free in any project you want, only preserve the credits.


                    'contentPage': 'democontent.html', // the page where you are searching for results
                    'contentData': {}, // you can pass the children().size() to know where is the pagination
                    'scrollTarget': $(window), // who gonna scroll? in this example, the full window
                    'heightOffset': 10, // how many pixels before reaching end of the page would loading start? positives numbers only please
                    'beforeLoad': function(){ // before load, some function, maybe display a preloader div
                    'afterLoad': function(elementsLoaded){ // after loading, some function to animate results and hide a preloader div
                         var i = 0;
                         if ($('#content').children().size() > 100){ // if more than 100 results loaded stop pagination (only for test)
                // code for fade in element by element with delay
                $.fn.fadeInWithDelay = function(){
                    var delay = 0;
                    return this.each(function(){
                        $(this).delay(delay).animate({opacity:1}, 200);
                        delay += 100;

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