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jQuery and CSS3 Animation effect

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jQuery and CSS3  Animation effect
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The markup is not difficult, we used two unordered lists, the first list follow insert all graphics (via CSS3) and animations, while the second list social will have links to social networks always with a nice animation. As you will see the first list is composed of lines, points and special effect, the latter two are accompanied by an control layer to adjust the delay of the animation. While in the second list, they are also accompanied by a control layer that control the animation and delay, and a specific class that as you will see later, to determine the exact position.

<div class="ID-Image">  
      <ul id="follow">  
         <li class="line1">  
         <span id="layerBall" class="ball">LINKED IN</span><span id="layerPulse" class="pulse"></span>  
         <li class="line2">  
         <span id="layerBall1" class="ball1">FOORST</span><span id="layerPulse1" class="pulse1"></span>  
         <li class="line3">  
         <span id="layerBall2" class="ball2">TWITTER</span><span id="layerPulse2" class="pulse2"></span>  
         <li class="line4">  
         <span id="layerBall3" class="ball3">FACEBOOK</span><span id="layerPulse3" class="pulse3"></span>  
       <ul id="social">  
       <li id="layerSocialControl3" class="facebook"><a href="#">Facebook</a></li>  
       <li id="layerSocialControl2" class="twitter"><a href="#">Twitter</a></li>  
       <li id="layerSocialControl" class="linked"><a href="#">Linked In</a></li>  
       <li id="layerSocialControl1" class="forrst"><a href="#">Forrst</a></li>  
<a id="trigger" href="#">Follow Me!</a>  


This first part of the CSS will make you understand how all the elements are positioned in the scene, and how to apply the animations. Take care some classes are accompanied by a .running, it will serve with the help of jQuery to determine the start animation to the button click.

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