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tooltip style toolbars with jQuery

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 tooltip style toolbars with jQuery
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Toolbar allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars for use in web applications and websites. The toolbar is easily customisable using the twitter bootstrap icons and provides flexability around the toolbars display and number of icons.


  • Straightforward implementation with simple options
  • Can run as many toolbars as required
  • Toolbars can be attached to any element required
  • Toobar icons are easily customised through the popular twitter bootstrap framework
  • Toolbars are responsive and follow the element on resize


Include the plugin javascript file along with jquery

<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.toolbar.js"></script>

Include the css files

<link href="jquery.toolbar.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="bootstrap.icons.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Define your toolbar HTML

<div id="user-toolbar-options">
	<a href="#"><i class="icon-user"></i></a>
	<a href="#"><i class="icon-star"></i></a>
	<a href="#"><i class="icon-edit"></i></a>
	<a href="#"><i class="icon-delete"></i></a>
	<a href="#"><i class="icon-ban"></i></a>

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