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Hotspot tooltips Plugin with jQuery

Created 10 years ago   Views 17623   downloads 6080    Author codecanyon
Hotspot tooltips Plugin with jQuery
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You can use this jQuery Hotspot Plugin in a product introduction or image showcase, which support the auto delay slideshow and can trigger by click or hover. Works fine in the mobile device like iPhone or iPad too.


  •             Auto delay slideshow, hover to pause.
  •             Trigger by click or hover.
  •             4 types of popovers with different animation.
  •             CSS3 transition support in the modern browser, fade only in the old browsers.
  •             Chainable, works fine with other plugin.
  •              It’s lightweight, the compressed js file is only 4k.
  •              The source js and layered png files, FAQ are all included in the source package.
  •             Modernizr CSS3 feature detection.
  •             Free update in the future.

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