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support mobile devices Liquid Slider effect

Created 10 years ago   Views 11194   downloads 2221    Author liquidslider
support mobile devices Liquid Slider effect
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The last responsive content slider you'll ever need

Advanced CSS3 transitions

Unfortunately, traditional animations are not always as smooth as you'd want them to be, specifically on some mobile devices. The Liquid Slider uses those fancy hardware-accellerated CSS3 transtions with jQuery animations as a fallback.

Incredibly easy to use

Installation is ridicioulsy easy and the API makes keeps it that way. Oh, and with custom builds, you only get the code you actually need. What more could you want? To prove it to you, here is a video showing you just how easy it is.

Yup! And it's Html5 optimized

You can use any Html content you want. Any. The navigation will build itself around your content and the slider will adapt to the width of the screen. Make sure you have an understanding of media queries and other responsive design concepts.

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