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Useful JQuery Text Editor Plugin

Created 10 years ago   Views 7136   downloads 1240    Author jqueryte
Useful JQuery Text Editor Plugin
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jQuery TE . This  is a  useful text editor with  jQuery plugin.  it works with WYSIWYG model.

jQuery TE works with same performance on the most preferred browsers. And its source of the output is same as 90% on these browsers. Also, it compresses to source of the output automatically. jQuery TE's system runs more practical and more rapidly to other some editors.

We recommend that you use this product with the latest version of jQuery

jQTE supports to all tags used to body. But we don't recommend the use of "img", "hr" and "option" tags.


<textarea class="editor" name="text1">Articles should be in here</textarea>
    <input class="editor" name="text2" value="Articles should be in here">
    <div class="editor" name="text3">Articles should be in here</div>
    <span class="editor" name="text4">Articles should be in here</span>
    <p class="editor" name="text5">Articles should be in here</p>



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