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jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin

Created 13 years ago   Views 17167   downloads 3504    Author wbotelhos
jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin
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Default options:


cancelHint:   'cancel this rating!'
The hint information.
cancelOff:    'cancel-off.png'
Name of the cancel image off.
cancelOn:     'cancel-on.png'
Name of the cancel image on.
cancelPlace:  'left'
Position of the cancel button.
hintList:     ['bad', 'poor', 'regular', 'good', 'gorgeous']
List of names that will be used as a hint on each star.
number:       5
Number of stars that will be presented.
path:         'img/'
Path where are the images of the stars.
readOnly:     false
If the stars will be read-only.
scoreName:    'score'
Name of the hidden field that holds the score value.
showCancel:   false
If will be showed a button to cancel the rating.
showHalf:     false
If will show half star if come a float number as score.
starHalf:     'star-half.png'
The name of the half star image.
start:        0
Number of stars to be selected.
starOff:      'star-off.png'
Name of the star image off.
starOn:       'star-on.png'
Name of the star image on.
//onClick:    function() { alert('clicked!'); }
Function that returns the selected value.

Public functions: *

Starting the rating with 3 stars later. Half star not supported.
Adjusts the rating for read-only later.
Click in the star number 2 later.
* Should come after the current raty and before the anothers one. Because it takes the last called raty.

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