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jQuery Plugin : jConfirmAction

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jQuery Plugin : jConfirmAction
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jConfirmAction is a jQuery plugin that aims to replace a plain confirmation box with a cute one. This plugin will help you to create a flying bubble confirmation box upside your link. Basically this plugin will create a DIV element that contains confirmation box after your clicked element, then it will appear with fading in and dissappear with fading out.

To create that one you just need to include jConfirmation plugin to your page, create a link, specify a class name, ask jConfirmAction to create a confirmation box and that’s it you have a cute confirmation box.

Prepare the link :

<a class="ask" href="somepage.html">Delete Me</a>
<a class="ask" href="anotherpage.html"><img src="images/trash.png" border="0" alt="" /></a>


Ask jConfirmAction to create a confirmation box :

//Customized Language (Indonesian)
$('.ask-custom').jConfirmAction({question : "Anda Yakin?", yesAnswer : "Ya", cancelAnswer : "Tidak"});


jConfirmAction has three arguments that aims to customize language for the confirmation box :
question : A text for your question (default : Are You Sure?).
yesAnswer : A text for Yes answer (default : Yes).
cancelAnswer : a text for Cancel/No answer (default : No).

Since jConfirmAction using css to display the confirmation box’s style, we can modify the box’s style based on our needs.