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jQuery Iphone Style Ajax Switch

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jQuery Iphone Style Ajax Switch
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In this example we’ll purely be looking at making a simple ajax request using the functionality of the iPhone buttons to trigger a script to return a string based on whether the switch is on or off.


The Code:

<div id="ajax"></div>
<div id="1"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

function() {
function() {
switch_on_container_path: 'iphone_switch_container_off.png'


So to run through whats happening when the iphoneSwitch() function is called we run an ajax call to return the contents of the pages on.html and off.html. You could make this more dynamic by calling a php page which authenticates a user with a session id which would then update data in a database depending on the switches current status.


looking at jQuery .load:


Another way of using the .load function is to pass POST variables through to a script for example below we are passing the POST variable ‘limit’ with a value of ’10′ to the file rss.php and asking it to load the results into the div #rss, once the ajax request has completed it will alert ‘The last 10 entries in the rss feed have been loaded’:

$("#rss").load("rss.php", {limit: 10}, function(){
alert("The last 10 entries in the rss feed have been loaded");