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Ultimate JavaScript Scroller and Slider

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Ultimate JavaScript Scroller and Slider
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This versatile and lightweight JavaScript clocks in at less than 3.5kb unpacked. 

To setup a scroll/slide area create a container with the following CSS properties…

position:relative; overflow:hidden; height:XXXpx;



Inside the scroll area container create another div that will house your actual content. It needs the positioned absolutely within the previous div. Each sliding or scrolling area on the page needs to have a unique ID for this div.



Inside the content div you can need to create a section for each area of content, be it 1 or 50. For each section after the “prefix-” numerate the order from 1 onwards. The prefix (ie section, newssection, imgsection, etc) needs to be unique to the current sliding/scrolling container’s sections.

<div id="section-1" class="section"></div>


You can call functions to incrementally scroll up or down, scroll to a particular section and initiate autoscroll/cancel the autoscroll. Take a look at the source code for examples. You might also consider dynamically adding some currently static CSS properties such as overflow:hidden and the height to allow for better degradation without JavaScript support.