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Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Created 13 years ago   Views 9150   downloads 1278    Author Anton Shevchuk
Slideshow jQuery Plugin
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Include JavaScript library jQuery and (a)Slideshow plugin (with style):

<link href="/js/jquery.aslideshow/simple/styles.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/jquery.js?ver=1.3.2"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/jquery.aslideshow.js"></script>


Create any content:

<div id="MySlideshow">
    <p>Some text... on slide one</p>
    <img src="docs/img/image_0.jpg" alt="It's slide number two"/>
    <img src="docs/img/image_1.jpg" alt="It's slide number three"/>
    <p><label>Title</label>Some text... on slide four</p>
    <a href="docs/img/image_2.jpg">It's slide number five</a>
    <a href="example/info.html">It's slide number six</a>
    <a href="">It's slide number seven</a>

Initialize slideshow:

<script type="text/javascript">


This is function work only with one slideshow

  • playSlide - play slideshow
  • stopSlide - stop slideshow
  • nextSlide - next slide (or first)
  • prevSlide - previouse slide (or last)
  • goToSlide - go to slide number N
  • getTitle - return title of current slide



Frame Title


  • Atribute "alt" of images
  • Atribute "title" of links
  • First tag "label" of any other tags

Configuration options:

<script type="text/javascript">
        width:320,      // width in px
        height:240,     // height in px
        index:0,        // start from frame number N
        time:3000,      // time out beetwen slides
  history:false,  // change/check location hash 
        title:true,     // show title
        titleshow:false,// always show title
        callback:null,  // callback function - call when slide changed - receive index and label
        panel:true,     // show controls panel
        play:false,     // play slideshow
        loop:true,      // looping
        effect:'fade',  // aviable fade, scrollUp/Down/Left/Right, zoom, zoomFade, growX, growY
        effecttime:1000,// aviable fast,slow,normal and any valid fx speed value
        filter:true,    // remove <br/>, empty <div>, <p> and other stuff
        nextclick:false,      // bind content click next slide
        playclick:false,      // bind content click play/stop
        playhover:false,      // bind content hover play/stop
        playhoverr:false,     // bind content hover stop/play (reverse of playhover)
        playframe:true,       // show frame "Play Now!"
        loadframe:true,       // show frame with "loading"
        fullscreen:false,     // in full window size
        imgresize:false,      // resize image to slideshow window
        imgzoom:true,         // zoom image to slideshow window (for smaller side)
        imgcenter:true,       // set image to center
        imgajax:true,         // load images from links
        imglink:true,         // go to external link by click
        linkajax:false,       // load html from links
        help:'Plugin homepage: <a href="">(a)Slideshow</a><br/>'+
             'Author homepage: <a href="">Anton Shevchuk</a>',

        controls :{         // show/hide controls elements
            'hide':true,    // show controls bar on mouse hover
            'first':true,   // goto first frame
            'prev':true,    // goto previouse frame (if it first go to last)
            'play':true,    // play slideshow
            'next':true,    // goto next frame (if it last go to first)
            'last':true,    // goto last frame
            'help':true,    // show help message
            'counter':true  // show slide counter