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multiple jQuery Helper for Komodo Media CSS Star Rating

Created 9 years ago   Views 17035   downloads 4652    Author m3nt0r
multiple jQuery Helper for Komodo Media CSS Star Rating
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 * jQuery Ajax Rater Plugin
* This rater is based on the code Ritesh Agrawal did. Unfortunatly his CSS and the hover technique breaks in some browsers.
* So i thought, why not use the best CSS star-rater known to man kind and throw it in the mix.
* I have used the CSS and technique from Komodo Media since it is stable and tested on many, many browsers.
* This rater compared, has no cancel button. But i think we can live with that :)
* To avoid conflicts i have changed the function name.
* Licensed under The MIT License


The one we all know and love



Via the options you can switch the style

$('#demo2').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {style: 'small'}); 


You can chain them, using inline style:

$('#inline1').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {style: 'inline'});
$('#inline2').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {style: 'inline', curvalue:3}); 

Single Star (GMail style)

This acts like a ON/OFF trigger (since it's supposed to act as trigger, it does not show ajax response)

$('#demo4').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {maxvalue:1, style: 'basic'}); 

Basic, with initial value

You can set the initial value in the options too!

$('#demo5').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {style: 'basic', curvalue:2}); 

Basic, but more then 5 stars

You can have as many stars you want. CSS is adjusted respectivly.

$('#demo6').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {maxvalue:10, style: 'basic', curvalue:0}); 

Or Small.. doesn't matter

It's all dynamic.. :)

$('#demo7').rater('ratingsdemo.php', {maxvalue:20, style: 'small', curvalue:3}); 

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