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Fancy Forms with HTML5 and CSS3

Created 12 years ago   Views 14070   downloads 3804    Author Richard Bradshaw
Fancy Forms with  HTML5 and CSS3
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Forms in HTML have typically been pretty boring – input boxes and buttons with all validation performed by javascript. With the new HTML5 Forms module things have become a little more useful. As of May 2010, only bleeding edge browsers support this, Webkit Nightlies, Chrome Dev Channel builds and Opera.

The HTML5 forms module started out as Web Forms 2.0 before moving into HTML5. The focus has been to increase the number of input types and to allow validation of input to happen in the browser, rather than in javascript.

In this demo I’ve set up a simple form with a number of different fields, the code should be pretty self explanatory, but there are a couple of new features of interest.

  • New input types – email, url, number and range
  • New pseudo classes – :valid, :invalid:, :required
  • You can’t submit the form until all fields are counted as valid by the browser

I’ve also added a few CSS3 touches to make things a little nicer to look at:

  • CSS transitions and transformations
  • :not pseudo class

Things to try

  • Submit the form without completing it
  • Notice that the browser checks whether the input is valid
  • The iPhone offers different keyboards depending on the input type
  • Check what it looks like in older browsers (fine, but no validation)

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