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How to Design Website with Startup Framework

It’s the end of the year and we have already started to think that 2013 has passed extremely fast. It’s true that it’s written in our DNA to always complain, but time has never been a more expensive resource than nowadays. The current society needs the information faster and everyone and everything seems to be programmed to resolve their tasks quicker.

The web design is a domain that evolved exponentially and only few designers managed to keep the same rhythm. Moreover, there is an unexpected paradox: the websites are more complex while the time to create them has shortened. To be more exact, the customers need better websites in shorter periods of time. It’s no wonder that as far as designers are concerned time passes from deadline to deadline and not from a day to a new day as it normally happens to the rest of the people.

Under these circumstances, any tool that simplifies the work of a designer is welcomed. Fortunately, the designers created amazing tools for other designers and this relationship is the base of the actual state of web design. Very recently, a new impressive and helpful tool was released and everybody should find out and profit from it. It’s called Startup Framework and undoubtedly, it’s a name that will become famous rapidly.

Startup Framework: Suit up your startup! from Designmodo on Vimeo.

I bet that most of the people that read these lines are very reticent to the previous description and I really believe that they were right to disregard any promotional materials. Altogether, it’s a good idea to read some lines about a tool that may modify your working style. First of all, here are some features that make Startup Framework stay apart from the rest of the competitors.

Why Startup Framework is different from the competitors

1. No competitors in fact

Thinking more deeply, Startup Framework has an interesting advantage: in fact, it has no competitors! Other frameworks offer UI kits, some of them well designed while others are being modest. Others offer a single model to start from and develop a website. Startup Framework is unique, it has 25 ready to use samples and 80 components inserted …yeah, there is no editor mistake and you read it correctly – 25 awesome samples.

Practically, it’s impossible not to find the proper samples suitable for a web design project. Of course, you may customise a sample according to your specific requirements; there are 80 components that may be inserted into a sample. Definitely, you shouldn’t consider Startup Framework as a simple framework; it’s an indispensable kit for a designer.

2. Extreme quality

Every seller shouts a line about their products, but very few may prove the quality of these. In the case of Startup Framework, there are incontestable proofs that it is a quality product. Firstly, they are offering a free demo version of this framework that contains 11 components, 2 samples and 2 pictures.

Secondly, it’s developed by the team behind Designmodo, a popular web design blog; as I previously mentioned, it’s created by designers for designers. Thirdly, Designmodo team created some amazing UI kits as Flat UI or Square UI, both of them used by tons of satisfied designers.

3. Modular approach

Let’s suppose that a designer doesn’t like a sample (I must confess that I am very curious to see him / her since these samples are considered masterpieces). This fact doesn’t mean that the respective sample can’t be used. This framework is specially tailored for the designer’s needs – every component is designed to replace other components from the samples. It’s about the modular design, everything is interchangeable.

The power of example is infinite (as Cicero said). You should associate the samples with super cars (supposing that you are an extremely rich sheikh). The components are nothing more than engines, NOS tanks or any other car tuning element that can improve the car performances. I guess that everyone got the idea.

Why should a designer buy such a framework?

Now, it’s crystal clear why Startup Framework is an unbelievable tool, but there are many reasons in favour of achieving this framework. Below, you will find listed just the most important ones.

1. Unlimited number of solutions

You shouldn’t be a math champion to realize that having 25 samples, 80 components and 14 impressive pictures will assure an almost unlimited number of combinations. By combining all these items, a wise web designer may create portfolios, creative agency websites, but also restaurant and bar websites; even online presences dedicated to making cookies.

Startup Framework items are all flat design inspired, therefore by using them, the clients will benefit from modern and visually appealing websites.

2. The crafting of websites process becomes faster

Providing the projects by respecting the deadlines is a key feature of a good web designer. Creating a complex website is a very time consuming activity and it would be a shame to waste your time doing repetitive and less important tasks. Startup Framework has the main purpose of making website crafting easier, more enjoyable and faster. Yeah, the Designmodo “beauty” saves a lot of time. The designer may use a sample that in fact is a ready to use webpage and customise it, but also he / she may use other components. In conclusion, instead of crafting buttons, it’s way simpler to use some amazing ones from Startup Framework.

3. Free updates and support

Everything man crafted is perfectible; and it goes without saying that Startup Framework isn’t perfect despite of its high quality. Its creators promised that they will do all their best in order to provide free updates to the framework. Besides that, they are already working on the first update.

In addition to the free support, everyone that faced various issues with this framework may contact the team and get instant help. Personally, I think that these are valid proves which demonstrate that Startup Framework is the result of a talented and very serious team and it should be used by every web designer.

4. Investment, amortisation and profit!

Normally, you would have to spend just few tens of dollars on a framework, but this product will cost you 249$. There is no doubt that this is a price that not everybody can afford, but if you will think of it objectively you will realize that achieving it is a very smart move. Startup Framework is a good investment even for beginners.

Let’s suppose that a freelance web designer set up a fee of 10$/hour (which is the average for a web designer). Supposing that this person works 8 hours per day, in three or four days the price of the framework is amortised. I think that this is quite reasonable. Don’t you agree? The profit isn’t very clearly established into this equation but it’s obvious that Startup Framework saves time and the components are used into the projects. These two advantages can’t be quantified, but surely the profit is pretty high!

What do you think, is Startup Framework the right product for you? We are waiting for your kind and interesting replies.

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