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Awesome jQuery Image Parallax Effect

Created 12 years ago   Views 35835   downloads 7191    Author bobbravo2
Awesome jQuery Image Parallax Effect
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Custom jQuery Plugin for Creating Parallax Effect Image Sliders

Default options:

var options = {
			autoPlay		: 3000,//(mixed) (bool) false to disable, (int) duration to hold between slides in ms
			speed			: 1000,//(int) speed of each slide animation in ms
			easingBg		: 'easeInOutQuart',//(string) easing effect for the background animation
			easing			: 'easeInOutQuart',//(string) easing effect for the slide animation
			circular		: true,//(bool) true, will repeat, false, will stop at the end
			thumbs			: true,// (bool) true enables thumbnails, false disables
			thumbRotation	: 5,//(mixed): (int) degrees thumbs will be randomly rotated, bool false to disable rotation
			thumbAnimate 	: -10, //(int) px to animate thumbnails
			thumbAnimateTime: 100, //(int) ms animation for thumb animation
			numBackgrounds: 3, //(int) Number of parallax backgrounds
			customBackground: false, //(string) Custom Background markup
			debug: false //(bool) true: enable console statements for debugging

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